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What is a Quaffer?

The Quaffer is a patented shot glass with a built-in chaser. It measures 2.25oz on the bottom and 1.25oz on top. You put any chaser in the bottom and any liquor on top. The liquids will stay separated until consumed. To drink... tilt your head back, let the liquids flow and enjoy . . . This shot glass chaser is guaranteed to be the best shot you've ever had!
The Quaffer Story:

The story of the Quaffer and Quafferville all started with one man... Jimmy Quaffa. Jimmy lived in "The Valley of the Sun".

One day Jimmy was at a party where he witnessed the most obscene display of alcohol abuse he had ever seen. The host of the party was pouring tequila shots for about twenty friends who were waiting anxiously outside. The host picked up a "homewrecker" (1.75L) of tequila and attempted to pour the shots. Afterwards, over half of the bottle lay on the counter, some dripping into the sink and some on the floor. It was the worst pour job Jimmy had ever witnessed.   As Jimmy left the party he knew something had to be done. How could people in this day and age not have a better way to drink shots?

It was that day Quafferville and the Quaffer was born. Not long after that party Jimmy came out with the Quaffer, and since then has added to his inventive drinking line.

Do you know,
where your quaffer is ?


Quaffer Shot Glasses