Wholesale Info

Hey business owner!  If you own a bar, night club, restaurant, or other establishment where drinking is or around there is one important factor you know and love...  and that is COST CONTROL. With the Quaffer and SplitShooters you always have your cost control in check. We offer a very nice wholesale price to businesses and other events (colleges, business functions, etc.) If you want to order multiple boxes (over 10) you will receive a bulk discount! Please CONTACT US if you wish to do so or if you have questions/comments! Below is an example on how you save with Quaffers and SplitShooters:

1 oz of Liquor $0.65
2 oz of Energy $0.35
Pour Cost Per Bomb  $1.00
Suggested Price $5.00
Minus Your Pour Cost $1.00
Total Profit Per Bomb  $4.00
Every 144 Quaffer Bombs served x $4.00 = $576.00 Profit!

Check out our wholesale selection under the "Quaffer Packages" section in the menu bar.  You may also email us at info@quaffershotglasses.com if you have any questions or would like to order larger amounts.